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Friday 24th Jan eve

Having a great evening learning so much about how to blog and send it out with my mate Laura Cort she is a true inspiration as to the younger generation.

Friday 24th Jauary 2014

Well here I go with my first Blog. This is all new to me so please bare with me x
Did anyone watch Midlands Tonight as it featured the wonderful Janice Connolly celebrating the success of Women and Theatre. She has been the inspiration for so many ventures and since last year Women and Theatre have been working with Time To Change helping people to overcome the stigma of Mental Health. The project is Laughing For a Change which is still on going. I was able to take part in the first comedy course, which helped me to grow in confidence and through this, have made incredible friendships with others.

Wow this is a first,

Well welcome to my new Blog page and to much more  to come. I"m hoping to be joined by my friends in writing this so please feel free to leave any topics you wish to be discussed  within the decent scheme of things.
As its late and just found out how to use this I bid you good night . Kate